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My creative habit project consisted of a few things such as, six disposable cameras, one journal to tell the story behind the night, and of course the experiences to document. After I took my disposable’s to Walgreens I then retrieved all the negatives and began scanning all of them in, to be printed, scratched, scanned, made into diptychs and finally printed again. Through this project I changed each other the names of the people in it, to something that relates to them or they choose with a good meaning for themselves. I also scratched out each characters face or just kept the face out of the photo from shooting behind them or too low to show the face. I did to keep the privacy of these people I also have learned that this project has became something more than just a creative habit. I have shown what is taboo, but is becoming more and more expectable in society. I am showing how people also have a different personality for how they act in the work place and school versus how they act at parties and with their friends. We let go have fun and be ourselves. I choose to use disposables cameras because I think today with all of our technology we are to focused on perfection what happen to the days where we just point and click and it was all a surprise? What happened too going out and trying to find beauty strictly with your eye alone with a one shot deal? I love that so I decided to bring that all back in my project. Not to mention a week later when you finally get to see your photos it is so much more exciting and all the memories come rushing back, oppose to digital.


For my last week before my final post I have continued to take a photo a day for my creative habit and continued to write daily journal entries. Also to keep my project interesting I have continued my daily routines and going out on the weekends to parties and clubs like normal to record the most interesting events that happen to me and my group of friends. Today I got my last to deposable cameras developed and retrieved the negatives to scan tomorrow after class. After that I will then be scratching out the faces for that group of photos, scanning, and finally reprinting them for my book. I plan on continuing this project after this class is over so that is why I plan to start it into a book, combining the journal entries and photos. For the final I will need to examine the  most interesting photos out of them all along with the story and then putting them together for the final critique.

2014-12-09 07.21.35

The kiss.

2014-12-09 07.21.50

Closing time.

2014-12-09 07.22.35

The struggle.

2014-12-09 07.23.01

Luna’s 21st.

2014-12-09 07.23.17

Elevator to the penthouse.

2014-12-09 07.23.41

Study groups.

2014-12-09 07.23.53

The artist.

2014-12-09 07.24.15

OSU social study.

2014-12-09 07.24.36

I fixed the spelling.

2014-12-09 07.24.58

We ended up winning beer pong.

2014-12-09 07.25.31

Dance party.

2014-12-09 07.25.39

New moonshine.

2014-12-09 07.25.56

The confusion.

2014-12-09 07.26.09

They wanted their photo taken.

2014-12-09 07.26.29

Luna and all the men.

2014-12-09 07.27.09

Luna tried to set them up on a blind date.

2014-12-09 07.27.19

Caught taking selfies together.

2014-12-09 07.27.28

Makeovers on a time limit.

2014-12-09 07.27.38

Posing for a picture.

2014-12-09 07.27.48

Caught taking selfies.

2014-12-09 07.28.02

Drinks and money.

2014-12-09 07.28.12

Stranger danger.

2014-12-09 07.28.27

More stranger danger.

2014-12-09 07.28.38

Girls night.

2014-12-09 07.28.47

His name was Peter.

2014-12-09 07.29.05

Small talk.

Week Three Project Three

For this week I am displaying a few of the photos I have taken. Each day I have taken at least one photo and written into my blog. Also this week I have developed two out of five of my disposable cameras after getting the prints and the negatives, I took the negatives to the print lab and scanned them to be edited and printed. So far I am really happy with the results from scanning the negatives. Continuing on through this week I want to personally scratch out the faces not just white them out, also I need to choose one photo from each night and choose which one is my favorite so that I dont have an uneven amount of photos for each night.


Shaggy Concert.


Luna & Susie.




Luna Danced On the Table For Her 21st.


Carry Doing Makeup In the Car.


Luna & Susie Talking About Guys.


College Life Groceries


His Birthday.


Susie Liked Her Bow.




Midnight Hangs.


Walk of Shame.


Pool Party.




Stranger Danger.

Week 2 Project 3


photo 1 copy

photo 1

photo 3

photo 2

photo 3 copy

photo 2 copy

This week I have began to document my twenties. Every night had document my view of the night and then take a photo of my high light of the night. Through these documentations I am showings a good/ bad/ grimy/ glorious moment. Every night out will be shown with all my friends and their lovers. I am trying to show how we live our single 20’s experiences. I am also changing everyones names in the book for safety reasons and scratching out or cutting out everyones faces. Also for my project I dont want to start revealing the stories and pages till the end when I scan them all into a book and can be read and watched all at once. I am also scratching and cutting out faces and changing names not only for my friends privacy but also so that all my viewers can relate and place themselves and their friends into the characters.

Creative Habit

The Creative Habit project will consist of an action preformed 5-7 days a weeks everyday till at least the end of the semester. For this project I had an idea to purchase disposable cameras and a diary, and for each day document my life and figure out what was the most interesting part of my day and write about it, and explain the photograph that goes along with it. I will then develop my photos, and either put the pictures into the diary next to the entry or, scan the photos and the entries then put the two together in a book or short film with a voice over of myself reading my entries. Or having a film with dip-tics of the photo and the entries side by side with a fitting theme song to my life. I chose this project because my life is a dramatic comedy, and a lot of people have always told me that I should write a book one day, and this my chance to start  now with this project. My life so far consists of lost loves, friendships, traveling with little to no money, random events, friends and lovers going to jail, drama, tiers, brake ups, roles reversed, parties, typical 20’s conflicts and experiences with drinking and so on, political conflict with the governor, struggles, and great outcomes.  I want to let my viewers into my life more than any Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook post can give my story justice.


Final Post

Over the past weeks we have constructed four different scenes for life, illness, death, and rebirth; to show the process that is celebrated in “The Day of the Dead” holiday. In our group project I was chosen to be the makeup artist. Through out the weeks I had a lot of trail and errors, but I finally got to a perfect medium that fit my group art director, Sarah Lamme, and my own vision on how the makeup should look. To have the makeup finished and ready for each shoot I would be at the gallery an hour earlier than the rest of group besides the art director, to perfect it on our model Tiffany Adams. The following is my makeup final results, shot by my fellow group group mate Collins Laatsch.